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Auto insurance protects you against financial loss if you have an accident.

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A standard policy insures the home itself and the things you keep in it.

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Discover the perfect insurance options to meet your specific and unique needs.

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If you were injured in an auto collision, had to spend three day in the hospital, loose two weeks of work and sustain a long tern partial disability, how much liability would you want the party causing the injury to carry? So, how much should you carry?  The are two primary areas to consider. READ MORE >>

The quick answer to that question is;" State minimum Auto Liability coverage.."  The best answer is:  1.  All states require that any car being driven on public roads must carry as least minimum liability insurance. READ MORE >>

  CHURCH INSURANCE?  WHY DO CHURCHES NEED INSURACNE?    If you have any association with a church, then you know they can be a beehive of activity.  Worship services open to the general public, Sunday School for all ages from the cradle to elderly, dinners, sporting activities, prayer groups, schools, counseling, service and mission activities. READ MORE >>

To answer that question, let's ask another questions.   "If you owned or were buying your home, would you carry Homeowners insurance?"  Why or why not?  I dare say that most of us would answer that questions with an emphatic, "Yes!"  So, what is the difference? READ MORE >>

The term, "No Fault" as it applies to auto insurance is that neither party is at fault in an auto accident. Each person is required to carry an auto insurance policy that will settle their own loss.  Missouri is NOT a no-fault state--it is a "Comparative Negligence" state, which means, each party, in the event of a two car accident, could be held "proportionately" at fault. READ MORE >>

You have heard of "winterizing" your car, haven't you.  Little things like making sure the antifreeze is protecting your engine well below freezing, Gas stabilizers or adding gas line antifreeze to the gas. Check the tread depth on your tires and replace if necessary. READ MORE >>

A nicely landscaped home has tremendous curb appeal, doesn't it.   Care should be taken as to the type and size of plants and trees that are included in the landscaping theme.  Also, there is a need for close monitoring of the growth rate and amount of plant life used. READ MORE >>

When an auto insurance policy offers Towing and Labor it will specify the amount of the benefit per occurrence.  Usually, $50, $75, or $100 depending on how much you purchase on this benefit. Unlike Rental Reimbursement which activates only if there is an insurable loss, this benefit is there even in the case of mechanical breakdown. READ MORE >>

Your Auto Insurance policy may offer "Rental Reimbursement," sometime called "Extended Transportation Expense."  Generally this benefit is an optional feature that can be added to your auto policy for an addition premium.  Although, some companies offer it as a free benefit to enhance the policy value. READ MORE >>

Auto Insurance Collision coverage is a little less complex that Comprehensive coverage  Collision means "collision.  If your car hits something or something hits your car there is a collision.  If damage to your vehicle results from the "collision,"  this is the area... READ MORE >>

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